We approach all historic and listed buildings with extreme sensitivity. Any alterations, extensions or refurbishments are carefully planned to complement the existing qualities of a building.


Our team have transformed many unwelcoming and run-down environments into warm, inviting and modern spaces.

We are adept at planning refurbishment works in occupied buildings, often maintaining business continuity for our clients if required by the project programme.

New Build

For us there’s nothing quite like the excitement and anticipation that surrounds the early stages of a new build project.

From sketch to construction our enthusiasm flows through the entire design process.


We’ve been engaged by homeowners and commercial properties to draw up designs for the upgrading of buildings with poor fabric performance.

We see this as an opportunity to not only address the fabric issues but add value to a building by improving its appearance and functionality.


Working to maximise value whilst delivering quality design we assess the opportunities of your site and generate solutions that create value.


The development of specialist and progressive education teaching spaces has been a specialism for RHA since inception.

Our deep understanding of the unique needs in this sector gives us an unrivalled insight into how to make the most of existing education buildings whilst being sympathetic to the requirements of all key stakeholders.

Our aim is to create aspirational spaces that provide the backdrop for progressive learning.

Hotel & Leisure

First impressions are vital in the hotel and leisure industry.

We understand the imperatives in these sectors. Hence our approach to combining elegant design with fantastic functionality and sophisticated solutions.


A commercial premises needs to work efficiently and convey the essence of the brand for that company.

Learning from the retail sector we apply this ethos to all our commercial work. Correctly achieved you can transform, inspire and engage on a whole new level.


Many of our buildings re open to the public. We are keen to contribute to this sector and have the ability to assist with funding bids for public money and in the charitable sector, as well as deliver projects. The challenge of working within public funding budgets and still delivering striking buildings that inspire is not new to us. Our public work includes spaces for theatre, dance, cinema and public meetings.